Supercargo Services

We are pleased to offer Supercargo Services throughout North America and abroad to our clients – whether or not we are involved as brokers or owners’ agents.

We have over 25 years’ experience in handling heavy lift and project cargo from ocean to inland moves.  We can facilitate the following:

  • Obtaining price quotations from competing stevedores in any port.
  • Planning the receiving, transferring of cargo and loading of cargo aboard vessels.
  • Managing the receiving of cargo into a terminal.
  • Managing and organizing the transfer of cargo from place of rest in terminal to under ship’s tackle.
  • Planning the delivery of cargo from the ship to inland transport vehicles and/or organizing the delivery of this cargo into place of storage in a terminal
  • Organizing stevedoring activities both on board vessels and on the quay.
  • Organizing the lashing and securing of cargo on board ships.
  • Supervising the loading/unloading and, securing or unsouring and stowing of cargo in ships.
  • Planning, managing and supervising the handling of heavy lift cargoes to or from a ship and/or inland transport vehicles.
  • Coordinating between cargo owners, Customs, heavy land transport personnel, ships command and stevedore labour.
  • Planning, Execution and Supervision of land transport operations

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